Sink or Swim Event Format:

Players will be put into random groups of 4 and then play on a random machine. The players with the two lowest scores get a strike, in 3 player groups only the lowest score gets a strike. Once you have two strikes you are out.


The tournament features a survivor style with 2 strikes so everyone can enjoy multiple games! You don't need to be the highest score in your group to advance and players with strikes will be grouped together in following rounds to help balance group skill levels.


Prize Payouts:

1st = 40% & Custom Trophy

2nd = 30%

3rd = 20%

4th = 10%

Plus a mystery translite to be given away via random draw



Other Prizes: (Available for anyone who wants them)


*Big Juicy Melons decals and plastic promo standee


*100's of fliers for over 17 different Stern Pinball machines including Star Wars


*Dozens of plastic Key Chains for over 15 different Stern games including Pabst Can Crusher


*Apron decals for Aerosmith, Ghostbusters, Metallica, Iron Man, Walking Dead and KISS


*Target decals for AC/DC, Game of Thrones, Aerosmith, Ghostbusters, Metallica, Iron Man, Walking Dead and KISS


*Plastic and decal sets for Star Trek, Wrestlemania, Ghostbusters, Metallica, Game of Thrones, KISS and more!


*Additional game plastics and decals for Mustang, Avatar, Stern NBA, Terminator 3 and more!


WPPR points awarded to all participants. If you have played in tournaments before, you can check your IFPA ranking here. Hope to see you there!